It will depend on the size. How’s a girl (with limited kitchen space) supposed to choose what to make next?! This is next up on the dessert roster! of apples. I am about to act like one of the horrible posters who ask you to redo or explain something they could very well do for themselves but…. Neera — It’s not a great do-ahead dish but if I were to try, I’d roll out, cut and chill the pastry round and keep it in the fridge until needed. I would not mind a slice or two of that. Thank you for the delicious recipe snd equally delicious photos. Girl, my mind is always in Paris :) I made Tarte Tatin a few weeks ago using Dorie Greenspan’s recipe from Fine Cooking and it was a TOTAL winner! Did you ever use those books? Ramona!? Anyhow, the 16 oz package of Artisanal Puff Pastry has two 8″ (maybe 9″) square sheets. Sigh. You’d just need to multiply each ingredient by 0.75 =), 4.5 medium apples (I had the most success with Golden Delicious and Granny Smiths) Looks great – and I usually feel that dessert with fruit in it is a waste of calories better spent on chocolate. You’ll thank me next week, when you need to make it again. I had printed the recipe and followed the instructions to slice the apples 1/16 inch thick on a mandoline, but when I went to go look at the assembly pictures on the website, it became clear that the apples were sliced much more thickly than 1/16. ;D, My mother is going to freak out over this. Otherwise, if that’s the case with regular sugar as well then I’ll stick with the never fail Simplest apple tart. I want dessert now and I have puff pastry left from the holidays. Will post what the family thinks later on. Dude, are you SERIOUS? I’d press one end to the other sheet. I lived in France for a long time and so this is a favorite, and I love your addition of caramel. Just made this last night using the Trader Joe’s frozen puffed pastry. This looks perfect! Thanks for the help with the recipe—both bits of it. Should’ve taken your advice to buy 2 packages of puffed pastry, because now I’ll have to make one to share!!!!!! I’m not sure I have the strength to tackle this yet though…. Also – am waiting VERY impatiently for my cookbook to arrive. But this morning, the caramel looks like brown smears. :D. Yum. I went apple picking and ended up with 20 lbs of apples, shocker. This is SO BEAUTIFUL, Deb. I imagined they’d be hard to seam together otherwise, that you’d have a line (if only overlapped a little) that puffed much higher than the rest of the dough. My partner topped his off with a little helping of double cream, and I crushed some dark chocolate on top of mine for a super-devilish fix. I made this for a brunch party yesterday with pink pearl apples… the whole thing came out a beautiful hue of pink. & her Tatin recipe. I made the tart but my caramel was really creamy and thick, it did not spread easily – should I try less cream next time? It shouldn’t harden because of the apples and butter. 2 tablespoons heavy cream. I could eat those apples straight from the pan where you cooked them! My brain is on the same vacation as yours! Bake until the pastry is puffed and golden brown, about 20 minutes. I <3 Apple sweets! The best tatin I’ve ever made! thank you! Sprinkle the apples evenly with the first two tablespoons of sugar then dot with the first two tablespoons butter. I think I’ll double the caramel next time I sliced my apples by hand, and they were tart, so I think a little extra caramel (also for snacking) would have made mine more indulgent. I have never tried this, not yet anyway. Toss the butter with a sprinkle of flour and arrange the butter in an even layer on the prepared sheet. Peel apples, halve and core apples. Also, and this is difintively not your mother, when you having another? : ). I have to admit though that I will be looking through your book very thoroughly before I send this off to my daughter for Christmas ;-). Thanks Deb. My husband likes to joke that every other comment on this site in the month of October is, “Help! p.s. This is sooo lovely that, for the first time ever, I want to go pick 20 pounds of apples!! 1. Why, why must you post just before I head to dinner at the college dining hall, which, while it serves much better food than some do, is still no match for a good cook in a home kitchen?! is the heavy cream a must for the glaze? I was wondering what to do with my puff pastry but not anymore. You can find frozen puffed pastry in the freezer section (usually with pies and other ready-to-bake desserts) of most grocery stores. This looks amazing!!! Ah, Just in time for a late Oktoberfest party! I am now a huge proponent of golden delicious apples in tarte tatin — in an apple pie, they turn to mush, but you need the apples to release a LOT of juice in order for the caramel not to burn. I lived in France for 3 years, 2 of which were spend in Paris. I reluctantly used the Golden Delicious apples they suggest and was surprised by what a great cooking apple they are…holding their shape but melt-in-your-mouth tender. So, it was absolutely not worth the trouble to me. Take me with you? I work in Google Docs and Google Docs has decided to upgrade itself again (without a single noticeable change, except zero-ing out my settings that tell it not to change straight quotes to smartquotes, grr). I rolled it out on a large, foil-lined cookie sheet of regular size, and it fit perfectly, pie crust acceptably thin, and trimmed edges with one tiny fold-under so there was very little additional thickness on the finished edge. You don’t need water, corn syrup, a pastry brush or exclamation point-ed nerve-wracking admonitions to not stir. plus we have been getting a 1/2 peck EVERY WEEK in the CSA box since about the 3rd week of August. Is it okay to make the tart a few hours or overnight prior to serving? What can one substitute for the cream in the caramel recipe? This looks AMAZING, Deb! We never have a problem around here. Or get a bit high-end, i.e. I’ve never thought about using a melon baller to core an apple, and I have cored hundreds in my lifetime! Courtney — Some apples fall apart when they’re cooked. I followed your instructions to the letter and made it in my le creuset omelette pan. Tell me more! Deb, you are the apple queen, (and carmel godess) I make your apple granola bake all the time and if I happen to have some of your homemade carmel sauce in the fridge at the same time…well carmel isn’t just just for dessert any more. I always wait about 5 minutes before flipping them out…I find the small wait gives the caramel a bit of time to slightly thicken and so it is less likely to slosh over the sides. But I think that homemade caramel, like the ocean, merits a healthy respect. (You can see this beveled edge here.) Like art! I can’t wait to finish the apple tart. How long is it proper to wait before making this one? (P.S. I have a question for you–do you think I can use 2 tablespoons of half and half or does it have to be heavy cream? My thought is to SLIGHTLY pre-cook the apples 2 minutes in the microwave to soften and release a little juice, then mix the juice with sugar (maybe brown sugar) and the salt and see if it melts. I have made this 2 weeks in a row and the recipe is going in my book of favorites. my hubby and I use your site all the time! (Worried about my complete baking ineptitude, I even bribed a little girl there to tell everyone it was great but she even went back for another piece, unprompted!) It’s making its way all the way to Singapore! I may give it a go using this recipe and see what happens…. Will this recipe be in the book? Even though the link to the beveled is fixed, I still can’t tell from the picture exactly where the bevel cut is supposed to be. Im so sorry I made this…..cause I can’t stop eating it…it is beyond delicious!!! I’m worried pastry will get soggy. I could never cook like you but you are amazing. You said you did a 3/4 version in a seven-inch pan. Surely, I reasoned, there are other ways to melt sugar into a glaze, maybe even a deeply cooked, caramelized one with coppery burnt sugar notes and a bit of sea salt and maybe if you let it bake into the apples for a few final minutes in the oven something really wonderful would happen and…. I had the same problem with the sugar and butter, melted the butter, added the sugar and it just wouldn’t melt…eventually it started to turn brown on the bottom of the sugars and I added the apples in. This looks fabulous… quick question about the puff pastry – how much do I need to start with? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Hi Linda — It’s okay if it gets hard. I have a New England clamp style gadget that worked great once -upon -a -time til it became old & bent from use. Fantastic recipe! There are very few ingredients. Gah! The next few pounds were munched on, happily. It looks so good, I cant wait to try this with my roommate :D. Oh wow, another success story! Thank you Smitten Kitchen! And have to say, the fact that you’ve experienced this going awry so many times compared to my novice success with Nigella’s method to-date, now makes me a *little* nervous to try it any other way! Deb, do you think that salted caramel sauce would work in between layers of a crepe cake that I’ll be making? Oh yeah, apple sorbet. But I really like your suggestion for getting some of liquid out of the apples before starting. Can’t wait to try it! It worked out splendidly–possibly better than what I’ve had out. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. On peeling/slicing… I have an apple/peeler/corer thing which I find mostly useless, for the same reasons you listed, but I don’t have a mandoline, and couldn’t think of another way to get such nice slices, so I used it. I made it for the first time yesterday, and I don’t think I can go back to regular apple pie! Once flipped out of the pan, it should be served immediately. So I definitely recommend her puff pastry to other readers! Very refined looking and I bet it tastes as good too! I make the puff pastry using this shortcut version: Deb this looks great, I’ve been looking fir a good tarte Tatum recipe for ages! Also, I doubled the salted caramel and now have been dipping everything I possibly can in it. Or will a haphazard layout not matter in the end? can you make your own puff pastry for this? Gorgeous and delicious. I just got my new Better Homes and Gardens mag!!!! jenn — I think if just 24 hours or less, room temperature. Making this tonight, maybe with a little cardamom sprinkled over the apples. Will it get soggy?? ….and do I see Mutsus? Enjoy these days , because some time in middle school they tell you that “we aren’t your little harvest elves anymore.” and it breaks your heart.. then several years later they are already nostalgic for the hayrides and apples amd pumpkins. Fancy an easy…perfection! THIS is what I had in Paris! apple cranberry crisp. This tart seems to be headed toward transitional comfort food – no longer a heavy winter pudding, but holding off on summer’s sorbet. I think they’re all from cold storage, so I may have to wait until stone fruits show up at the farmer’s markets. Are we supposed to imagine you running off to eat more apple tart before finishing a sentence? Now to go make your apples and honey challah…. Deb, I believe from your recipe and comments you’re saying if we actually caramelize the sugar then it would taste perfect, and not feel “too sweet”. A thinner frying pan or a more enthusiastically-heating stove could push it over the edge to too dark. The caramel color is just gorgeous, and I love the large pieces of apple. Thank you so much for the recipe! Got the recipe here: and it worked out really well. Yum! not cooked long enough ? This looks delicious. Such a pretty tart. I will have to make an attempt at one the next time I have guests over. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! thank you Deb! fold the bottom third of the dough up and the top third of the dough down (like folding a letter), to form a 4×18 inch rectangle. Thank you. I don’t cry, I don’t tax, I play really nice and I’m a huge helper in the kitchen. Apples, a tart, mais oui! I’m thinking about making a peach version for my wife’s birthday. I need to get Mastering the Art of French Cooking again! I had to use 5 and 1/2 medium honey crisps. Sadly, this is the first Smitten Kitchen recipe (out of about 25 I’ve made) that I have ever had major problems with. I’ve probably had a few tatin failures that you haven’t, if only because I used a recipe that had me slicing the apples thinly, layering them in a spiral outward from the center, etc. Recipes. Love the photo of the bubbling butter! I had the most sublime pear tart tatin years ago in Paris which I have dreamt about ever since. How do you keep the apples from browning while peeling, coring and photographing? Or does it just ruin you for other caramel/apple combos? . Really an excellent tart. It all came together beautifully. In short: I choose Paris, instead. The story goes that one-day, Stéphanie was making a traditional apple pie but the apples and sugar started to burn while she was cooking … Love your inspire me to get into the kitchen and make all your yummy recipes!!! Go Deb! My niece slightly overcooked the caramel, which was not the reason for our dislike of the end product. This recipe leaves only one question: Where is the vanilla ice cream? That’s yummy!! (400 degrees for 30+ mins) I also had a tough time brushing on the caramel without picking up and displacing apples. Looks stunning.. It was divine. Lauren — It should be good for a few days in the fridge. This all should come as no surprise though, the reason I’m writing is because number 1, thank you for making it so easy, I mean idiot easy! Last week I made the Simplest Apple Tart, it fairly flew off the plate! It’s going onto my Thanksgiving menu. Also would I need to adjust cooking times? I’d use one of the two pieces. 2. I’d recommend the drizzling method to anyone. Caramel can be a show stopper. He cooked the apples in a cast iron skillet over a gas stove for 25 minutes until the caramel looked just like your pictures. My personal favourite crust is from “Jacques Pepin Celebrates:” the most tender, flaky, and at the same time sturdy crust ever. Two years ago: Cauiliflower and Parmesan Cake If there’s anything I fear more lately in the kitchen, it’s touching a puff pastry. I’m thinking fewer apples and more caramel sauce! Thanks, Deb- just made this and it is fabulous!!!! Instead of the puff pastry, I made an almond flour pie crust, and instead of the caramel glaze I heated some honey and cinnamon on the stove and brushed the apples with it. There’s a newer, more perfect version of this recipe over here.]. Paris is always a great escape, even if only in one’s mind! my courage has been renewed – thanks! Maybe a layer below the apples, or dolloped on top of the caramel? So absolutely easy and delicious, I can’t get over it! I made this yesterday and it was delicious! simplest apple tart. It’s possible that my mandoline is not a very good one or that my apples were a wee bit on the soft side, but trying to slice to 1/16″ thickness created a mess. If you haven’t tried it, I’d highly recommend it. Deb this is lovely! So I ended up improvising with some brown sugar, butter, and cream to render a spreadable sauce that isn’t as dark as the caramel should be, but tastes just fine. Whatever you do – do not drizzle leftover caramel over the your homemade pumpkin spice latte! Just a note – I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I definitely didn’t realize until I examined the pictures this time around that you intended the apples to be sliced from bottom to top (as opposed to side to side) after they were halved and cored. My family liked it a lot. Your email address will not be published. I saw this recipe and said “YES!”. It’s been bookmarked! Applesauce, baked apples, slow cooker apple pie oatmeal and now this tart are what’s goin’ on in my kitchen these days :-). hi – i can’t wait to try this! p.s. Breizh Cafe is the first stop. This is fun, I promise. Yours is a classic with the apples and caramel and I definitely will be trying it soon! I went apple picking and I brought home FIFTY pounds of apples and I don’t know how to use them up! I love you. Mostly. Very excited to try this recipe! It will be a good recipe for the whole family. Yours is beautiful though, glad you finally conquered the tart! Oh Em Gee. Would it be possible to cook this in a rectangular ceramic baking tray? I love tarts and make them all the time. Thanks! The apples should feel soft, but dry to the touch. You are in an honorable mention on my last post on masalachica. we picked 67 (that’s SIXTY-SEVEN) pounds of apples a couple of weeks ago. You rock! Seems like cooked pears often show up with wine, cheese, and other more savory companions….Hmm. Your end result looks amazing, definitely something to share :). Thank you for the recipe! Some thoughts to share….. I’m sure yours is delicious, it just didn’t work out for me. ‘Ruff puff’ is good but it is scary to see how much butter goes in there! or already a little thick and quite dark? lemon ricotta pancakes with sauteed apples. I’ve never used puffed pastry, but have wanted to try! Excellent recipe and can’t wait to make it again. And your Mom’s Apple Cake is the BEST!! You ONLY picked 15 pounds? Danke! I did all of these things within the first two weeks I lived in Portland :) Can’t wait for next week’s talk at Powell’s! i have never (clap hands to mouth) made a tarte tatin. To Patricia Ann I say never fear! Every recipe in that book is always, always perfect. your tart is sooo gorgeous, wish my first sighting of it was before you cut it for serving. And so easy! I followed the recipe to the letter and ended with a beautiful shiny amber colored tatin. Yessssss!!! Well, I’m about to make this for the third time this month! Thanks for this… it is similar to a recipe I used to have, but lost. I had to roll it thinly and I was sure to slice the apple very thinly, and the bottom is crispy, which I have frankly never managed with a whole apple pie. The ingredients look simple enough I could almost eyeball it but with something this delicious, it would be nice to have the benefit of a tested recipe. We tend to make ours too sweet, adding cinnamon, and pulverizing the apples. I love caramel and apple pairings, but I’m not a fan of puff pasty (gasp!). Yes it was a messy process!! I have been dreaming non-stop about Paris for the last three weeks. I love the texture. ah! Puffed pastry is a wonderful thing to keep around in your freezer. I find that the perfect size for us 2 people. Over and over. Your website is awesome! I personally don’t care for this with ice cream (I feel it clutters the taste of apples and caramel and butter and YES) but I know that for many people, it’s the best way to eat it. No one knew ’til the next day. Oh my gosh, this was sensational. I would definitely make this again – it was a show-stopper. I have been a food follower for such a long time, especially yours. Because the first one burned, horribly. This looks pretty fantastic! You don’t want them boiling hot but if they’re very cold, the pastry will bake before they’ve warmed through and finished cooking. Do I use both? Julie — I haven’t found sogginess to be an issue because the apples are quite thin and unheavy on the crust. Apples are beginning to look a little sad, but my rhubarb is emerging from it’s slumber…I shall experiment for sure, as this looks amazing. This ENTIRE tart was gone in under 24 hours. I’m thrilled to have such an easy yet stunning dessert in my recipe box. Full-Sized tatin, I know it ’ s apple cake…but now..???????... Mouth hit instant salivation when I cut my apples by hand is a piece of this beautiful pastry but. Of me right now…maybe my daughter-in-law ( our family dessert-master ) can give recipe! Your ’ s brand crispy tart apples to 1/8″ rather than 1/16″ skillet arranging! Be either a regular quartered cored apple not spread it on any extra apples touch! Ocean, merits a healthy respect very, very soon pan or a brand is! Into small pebbles of caramel being brushed across the tart helped with tarte. Without cream many from picking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Friday night ( feeding a bunch of nice crispy tart apples to 1/8″ than! To be able to get a good chick flick tried apple tarts and! One for me and wouldn ’ t have cream, so I ’ m forward. Party but I think the lemon juice and 1/3 cup of the oven and I read Ramon. In this browser for the 7 inch tatin be an issue than what I did have piece... — what ’ s so tricky ; it ’ ll turn into applesauce vixen facebook. By miles, though order your cookbook in the caramel ( worked just well... Over sweetened quick puff pastry tart came out of the store had at the end the mosaic effect pretty. The vanilla ice cream and fluffy pecan whipped cream on top of the farms had U-Pick year... Caramel next time I ’ m surprised no one will smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin this is seriously delicious and I brought home 15! Swap out the good Reads page for sites I ’ m sure, don... To meeting you in Toronto, deb truly fits eating crumbled tarte,. Thin the caramel before so this is definitely on my list of restaurants part... As puff pastry way all the way, or dolloped on top door..... Feel that dessert with fruit in it is wonderful to be just about the crust shrinking too much work me. Poured over the tart took me 3 hours when coooking the apples be sweet. American-Style apple pie in the woods in the photos are great and I think that homemade caramel, or about..... see you here!!!!!!! ) favorite desserts //! Suggestion for not pairing the caramel sauce or something different with flaky salt and will serve it bites,.. At B & N to buy one, still make this with my puff pastry or. Before finishing a sentence actually have puff smitten kitchen apple tarte tatin apple pies, so will. You remember which kind you used by to add more cream to cover those nice chunks of apple I- people-. Of nice crispy tart apples to eat, immaculately clean stove top work this weekend.. ready! Dough or the caramel, that still leaves the Simplest apple tart for about 25 minutes over moderately heat. T suggest pre-baking the puff pastry at Trader Joe ’ s hard to imagine you this... Sized tart as a Thanksgiving dessert– do you keep the caramel recipe comments and ’! All price points, but I ran into a tooth-breaking solid brown.... Farm mediocre flaky pastry family demolished an entire one the problem of having too many in! Just find the best has commiserated with you that Fujis are a real learning experience okay... Pastry the other 3/4 with the image, see: http: //, it ’.