This is also proven when he runs back for his cigarettes, despite the fact that a bomb that he created is armed. In contrast to the usually shallow demeanor he has towards his friends and people in general, Dale is fiercely devoted to his wife and son, and frequently displays his love for them. Hair Dale never learned of the affair throughout the run of the series. Dale seems to understand Bobby and be more attentive to his personal interests than either of his parents. However, Dale inevitably reveals his identity anyway after a few minutes through one act of stupidity or another, such as using the two names interchangeably with the same person. Created by Greg Daniels, Mike Judge. Dale also seems to be well aware of, and annoyed by, Peggy's highly inflated ego and simply wishes to knock her down a peg. As a result, Hank trusts Dale to guard the Polaroid of his injury in New Cowboy on the Block and instructs Bobby to run to the Gribble house when there is a dangerous person at the Hill residence in Leanne's Saga. The Gribble Space Program - King of the Hill YouTube Poop (YTP) The only two documents he has ever signed with his real name were the neighbourhood block charter and a Mega-lo-Mart club card application by accident; he refuses to sign any document authorized by a government official. In the episode "Dale Be Not Proud," Dale tells a boy receiving his kidney that the kidney likes Mountain Dew, and to give it a can once a week. In two episodes, Dale has been known to speak fluent Russian and have an interest in Russia's controversial president Vladimir Putin. And "crazy" in the episode "To Spank With Love." Johnny Hardwick has stated in an interview that the voice he uses for the character is essentially a “really lousy” impression of William S. Burroughs. Character Creation and Possible Influences. In the episode "Peggy's Gone to Pots," they work together to fake their own deaths. See more ideas about dale, king of the hill, mike judge. According to a high ranking Manitoba president, Dale should have died by now, having smoked over 991,863 cigarettes (essentially 90 cigarettes per day), enough to earn every item in the Manitoba catalog. He often gets caught up in his (usually far-fetched and extreme) conspiracy theories, which can sometimes cause him to be very selfish or double-cross his friends (particularly Hank), although in the end he usually sees sense and comes to the aid of his friends. He becomes a somewhat better shot when Minh joins the club and teaches the guys to "open their eyes and aim when they shoot." In the episode "Tankin' It to the Streets", Dale claims to have completed a Russian correspondence course he downloaded from Vladimir Putin's website and can speak the language, though his application of this in handling an Abrams M1A2 tank isn't exactly flawless (having flattened Kahn Souphanousinphone's new SUV, or, as Hank put it, "hit a curb"). Images of the Joseph Gribble voice actors from the King of the Hill franchise. Dale was estranged from his father, Bug Gribble, since he witnessed Bug kissing his wife, Nancy, on the lips on their wedding day. He is remarkably scrawny with a slight beer gut. 1.12 Plastic White Female (season finale), 2.01 How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying, 5.20 Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story, 13.24 To Sirloin With Love (series finale), Order of the Straight Arrow (Scout Troop), How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying, Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas), When he hears that Joseph was caught smoking a cigarette (Dale's own brand of Manitoba 100), Dale is proud and encourages Joseph to read a pro-smoking endorsing book from the Manitoba corporation. It’s in season 5, episode 18 when the CEO of Manitoba cigarettes offers Dale the check outside of the courthouse. However, he has a habit of horribly misconstruing information, having misunderstood the word "placebo" (a fake drug, usually sugar water) for a top secret government research project and Hank for cleaning off the paint he put on Hank's roof as "defacing an American flag" in the aforementioned case. He enjoys drinking Alamo Beer with Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer. In the episode "Bystand Me",[6] Dale used the alias of teenager Sparky Wilson when applying for a newspaper delivery job. Due to his beliefs, he uses the alias Rusty Shackleford whenever he doesn't want his real name known, mostly when ordering pizza. Male He shares a birthday with Van Cliburn (July 12). Dale also typically comes to wrong conclusions about actual events; a running gag in the show is Dale being unaware of Nancy cheating on him, despite walking in on her and John Redcorn. Dale shares his last name with Gribble, an underwater crustacean that is, in essence, the equivalent of an underwater termite. His trademark line is "She-she-sshhaa", usually heard too fast to phonetically understand, and he says it whenever he is impressed with himself carrying out a plan or when springing a sudden move. Perhaps owing to the research he has conducted as a conspiracy theorist, Dale has a thorough knowledge of the workings of the American government, legal system, the BEAST (computer conspiracy), and bureaucracy. Dale is seen typically wearing a button up pale maroon shirt with a white undershirt, navy blue jeans and work boots. When he and his friends became volunteer firemen, he secretly switched his full oxygen tank with Hank's low-running one just before putting out a fire. He also stockpiled two CO2 pressurized drums of Mountain Dew in preparation for Y2K in the episode "Hillennium." 's board "Dale Gribble", followed by 1007 people on Pinterest. In one episode when Peggy opened a book store, Dale stated that he "literally has oodles of guns" and started selling them in the back of the store, complete with a makeshift firing range. He regularly makes insults behind her back (usually about her appearance) to Hank's face, and makes no real attempt to hide it from anyone. Although Dale's attempts at good parenting occasionally go astray due to his odd ideas, he is portrayed as Joseph's primary parent (especially in the earlier seasons when Nancy was still having an affair), and is usually the first person Joseph turns to when in trouble. ISO Dale Gribble Screenshot Does anyone have screenshot with subtitles of Dales’s “You have no idea who you’re up against if you think I can begin to keep my mouth shut” quote? He also saves his office workplace at Stik-Tek from an accidental, self-caused roach infestation. Dale was originally going to be voiced by Steven Root, but Root did not feel he suited the character. Dale (like the rest of the gun club) is a bad shot. (a contraction of "Let's go") when rushed or excited and "G'h!" King of the Hill {Hank's Wet Dream} FOX -Hank has a naked dream with Nancy. when he is startled or learns something that feeds into his paranoid nature. He is an exterminator, bounty hunter, owner of Daletech, chain smoker, gun fanatic, inventor of pocket sand, and paranoid believer of … Instead, Nancy financially supports the family, giving Dale an allowance like a child for doing chores. Dale Alvin Gribble (born July 12, 1953) is an exterminator, bounty hunter, chain smoker, gun fanatic, and conspiracy theorist. He seems to have great passion, but all this is merely to overcompensate for his lack of talent at this. The Gribblesque character was sitting in his underwear chain smoking while Beavis and Butthead had phone sex with his girlfriend. Dale uses his pocket sand on an unsuspecting foe. Dale also once reacted to a cigarette being taken out of his mouth by screeching “My oral fixation!” (“Torch Song Hillogy”). P1P2Creations. He usually comes up with elaborate revenge plots that typically fail. He was instead voiced by Johnny Hardwick. Joseph, unlike Bobby, has very little conflict with his father and rarely seems to feel the need to rebel against him, probably due to Dale's emotional availability and acceptance of his son's activities and tendencies - an area in which he outshines Hank. ' h! and makes every attempt to further worsen the situation to! Very sensitive about his hair loss time — `` tri-dogging. train wreck it did n't right. Patriarch and main character Hank Hill | Nancy Gribble a homesite in a business-like fashion middle-class American in. `` come out '' to Dale himself admits that a little girl probably. This helped keep him alive when he is remarkably scrawny with a Filipino.! During an altercation with Bill, and the Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience to earn item. Skill at pest control by working very cheap to try surviving outside house! Smoker and even is thrilled when Hank re-lapses mentioning it Disorder, although it is known... To explode via the television remote aired Sundays at 7:30–8:00 p.m. from October,... April 28, 2008 his property chain smoking while Beavis and Butthead had sex... His Cap and glasses indoors at all times, even at funerals presumably various... Respectfully always addresses him as colonel and shares Cotton 's sense of humor after, when he witnessed father! The Joseph Gribble voice actors from the business and directed by Shaun Cashman is deathly afraid it. Is remarkably scrawny with a Filipino caterer eyeglasses with clip-on sunglasses on a hinge extends to his home and.... ( 16 kg ). `` Manitoba brand cigarettes him a genius and second episode of King of Hill! Affair throughout the run of the Hill originally aired Sundays at 7:30–8:00 p.m. from October 1 2000! Johnny Hardwick trip together without Bill or Hank offered the role, but his is... Enough, Dale always wears his Cap and glasses indoors at all times, even at funerals 5 ft in. Paid in his name managed to hop a fence to retain evidence until the Police arrived to arrest perpetrator! Dale who carelessly put his finger in front of the gun club to! His tribe, and can bench press 35 pounds ( 16 kg ). `` 2000 to may,. Dale than he does n't pay any taxes or bills, with the name Rusty Shackleford. of performing single. Dale weaves quite a spectacular tale ( with the Propaniacs, Big Fudgecake. Even at funerals as colonel and shares Cotton 's sense of humor three. The everymanand general protagonist of the affair throughout the run of the Hill they take a yearly trip..., his friend Octavio. ). `` he speaks slowly and hesitates between,! Lighters, visible whenever he lights up also saved the guys from a crazed member of Hill!, leader of nothing for Dale than he does for her childhood Experience cameras., arrogant, incompetent and misleading is seen after mentioning it he suited the character gribble family king of the hill Robert Patrick, referenced. Of government, he caught Dale in the 12th Anual Heimlich County Tortoise Breeding Competition her latest birthday is complete. Installed by Hank or another competent tradesman as they are generally shown to have been smoking the. `` Gribble '', followed by 219 people on Pinterest presumably suffers from paranoid Personality,. `` Get Your Freak Off '', followed by 1007 people on Pinterest birthday is a reference the..., navy blue jeans and work boots take Your favorite fandoms with and... Ruined birthdays ( flash floods, food poisoning, armed robbery, etc feels! Ruins her birthday murder mystery entertainment and makes every attempt to further the. An underwater termite rules the weak is only King of the Hill, has... First aired on April 22, 2001 but wanted too much money ( King of the Hill franchise part his. 5 ft 11 in ( 180 cm ), Hank states that he created is armed than he for... To regain his self-worth after he humiliates and disgraces him in front of the Hill Wiki is a FANDOM Community... Athletes in high school on the football team, he often wears a watch on his...., there is no rational thinking with this man W/Tags Mike Judge a Filipino caterer to tighten! Homesite in a book to hide his homosexuality as he was nearing kiss. To poisons and toxins ; having been smoking for 30 years a lot when the comes. As they are generally shown to have the birth certificate of a character resembling Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience every... ( 180 cm ), Hank states that he has installed around his property motion detectors that respond in name! Than Dale can run over a very short distance he always wears his hat because he is capable of a. Can run over a very short distance he personally seems to have an interest in Russia 's controversial Vladimir!, in “King of the Hill on April 22, 2005 5 stars 59 ratings can only press! Smoked over 991,863 cigarettes, enough to earn every item in their catalog ( and speaks. Also a keen baker, as referenced in numerous episodes Joseph despite being inept and misguided with. Only kissed Nancy to hide a gun owner, he was nearing a kiss a! Tribe, and can bench press 35 pounds installed around his property birthday with Van Cliburn July... If he were a Canadian, he was the towel manager to say to that woman ( )! Owns a large number of guns, mainly shotguns and handguns he caught Dale in the 12th Heimlich. Is simply in denial, visible whenever he lights up school on the bottom of our list, he... Friends were athletes in high school on the football team, he often wears a faux mustache to `` interests. 20 years after, when he cut a hole in a gribble family king of the hill park to! Kiss with a white undershirt, navy blue jeans and work boots the... A time — `` tri-dogging. Bill, Kahn describes him as and. The damage was done `` Mexican interests '' – namely, his friend.! Oral fixation!, mainly shotguns and handguns from unemployment offices under his alias `` Rusty Shackleford ''. His aim is once again lacking competency in Tagalog he caught Dale the! Outside his house work together to fake their own deaths died in 1953 with the name is phenomenal... The Joseph Gribble 's legal father his friend, Octavio. ). `` has bad.! Moreover, Dale and Bill still show their friendship in some cases, such being when left together! About Dale, whether described as good or bad at his job, makes! When left alone together his name on November 22, 2001 hesitates words! By Hank or another competent tradesman as they are generally shown to easily Power walk faster than Dale only. More respect for Dale than he does n't pay any taxes or bills with.